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Did Your Waistline Grow During the Holidays?

Do You Want to Crush Your New Year Resolutions and Get Fit Fast???
Five of the world’s top fitness and nutrition experts team up to deliver you 5 free gifts that show you how.
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Weekend Weight Loss Jump Start
by Fitness Chef & Body Transformation Expert, Candise Jordan
Jump Start Your Weight Loss with this Simple 2 Day Cleanse & Mini-Workout Plan!
Inside You'll Discover:
  • 2 Day Meal Plan - includes simple easy to follow recipes
  • Metabolism Boosting Workouts - Short, No equipment workouts that you can do right from the comfort of your home
  • Shopping List And So Much More...
3 Weight Loss Myths BUSTED
by Jason Paris, CSCS
Are You Making These 3 Weight Loss Mistakes?

Discover How These Common Myths Are Preventing You From Losing Weight And Getting Ripped Abs.
Inside you'll discover...
  • why the most common ab exercises are preventing you from losing belly fat and getting abs
  • how to get lean without giving up your favorite foods or starving yourself
  • popular ab exercises that DON'T work. Even trainers, bodybuilders, and bootcamp instructors get this wrong.
The Aphrodisiac Secret
By, Meredith Shirk
Discover The Little Known Do’s and Don’ts to Ignite Your Libido and Boost Your Energy... Naturally! 
  • 5 Foods That Are Killing Your Sex Drive 
  • #1 Aphrodisiac Superfood that Can Ignite Your Libido
  • #1 Most Effective Exercise To Make Your Butt Look Sexier Than Ever
Six Steps to Burn Fat
By, Brian Compton
[Free] Report Reveals the Exact Six Steps Needed to Start Blasting Away Belly Fat
Believe It Or Not - You'll See Measurable Results In As Little As 7 Short Days! Imagine...
Inside you'll discover...
  • Rebooting Your Metabolism And Tearing Through Unwanted Body Fat On A Daily Basis Without Having To Spend Long Hours Wasted On A Boring Treadmill
  • Not Having To Avoid Your Favorite Foods – Still Enjoying Ice Cream, Tasty Burgers And Other Indulgences Most Dieters Can Only Dream About!
  • Seeing Your Friends Faces When They Hear About How Effortless Your “Diet” Is And How Amazing Your Results Are
  • That Feeling When You Touch Your Belly And, For The First Time In Ages, Feeling Every Tastefully Developed Muscle Under Your Fingertips
4 Minute Fat Loss Furnace
George Louris, Body Transformation Coach, CFT, pn1
TRIPLE Your Fat Loss and Melt Your "Stress Fat" in Under 10 Minutes a Day with This "Insider" Workout Strategy That Will Have Your Friends Wondering:
"What did you do to get such quick results?"
Inside you'll discover...
  • How to TRIPLE your fat loss by shortening your workouts
  • 3 shocking reasons why you should never do cardio again
  • A FREE 4 Minute Bodyweight Only Fat Loss Workout
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